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You Are a Red Velvet Cake

Rich, decadent, and sensual.
You have a deep appeal that transcends all trends.
You are the definition of passion: intense, adventurous, and seductive.

Yay! cake!!

I made cheesecake swirled brownies last night.. they were sooooo good.. and now im zinging off of a coke float at work..
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So its been QUITE a while since I posted last time (May 22) and I got this crazy urge to just write something and since my fingers dont even remember how to hold a pen anymore.. theyre used to the downward motion of my hands on a keyboard.. both from work and from playing WoW so much.. ive decided why the hell not..

I guess i could update my life story since 6 months ago.. but here it is in a nutshell..

1. im getting married october 5th to the most amazing man in the world (and hes not even gay!!) (how is THAT possible?)
2. Ive been asked to start a monthly at KOC.. look out for flyers soon...
3. work is going well.. ive been promoted to Corporate Administrator.. (codeword for not the gopher of the office)
4. I now have Mia back at our house (she was staying with Apple for a good 6 months)
5. My eyesight has gone to shit.. so ill be wearing glasses soon lol..

other than that.. same shit different day.. love you all!
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... its been a while...

...since ive written!! The last entry i made was on Feb 1 and shit.. tons have happened since then... wont get into it.. theres not enough time in the world BUT.. ive been really busy working at my two jobs and going to school. Ive had the opportunity to go to the bar here and there but not anywhere near the frequency i was going before. Apparently, nothing has changed much. Here goes a recap i guess...

Jobs: The hotel w/Miggety Matt Strand.. and SEVEN (off the alameda.. come in for a drink bitches)

School: Taking pre-vet classes at Foothill College in preperation to transfer to UC Davis (crosses fingas)

Love: Dating a fantastic man ive known for 6 years.. hopefully this one doesnt go kissing random friends of mine (STARES @ Alex ) (hee hee j/k LOVE YOU)

other than that.. same ol.. same ol... miss everyone.. hope to squeeze time out of the schedule to go see you all more often

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stolen from gayboy...

(name of first pet + street you grew up on):
Sammy Hartle

(grandad's/Grandma's first name + favorite snack)
Manuel Grace Cheese

(first thing you see on your left + favorite restaurant name)
Mia Mona Lisa

(first initial + first 3 or 4 letters of your last name)

(favorite animal + name of high school or middle school)
Sphynx Buchser

(middle name + city where you were born):
Lizette Long Beach

(name of sibling/parent [opposite sex] + cell phone company you use):
Gabriel Verizon

(first 3 letters of your last name + last 3 letters of mother's maiden name)
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i dont like the advertisments.. maybe im seeing it because im not a payed member... its annoying as all hell..

i hate being sick...

val... aka.. froggy voice

YAY first post of 200six...

First of all.. i hope everyone had a fantastic New Years Eve.. and that it was quite memorable. Alex's friends Nari and Danny, Apple, Mike and I kinda caravaned to all the places we went to last night. After an afternoon of getting ready, eating, putting on false eyelashes, eating again, and then finally heading out the door.. we made it to the King of Clubs so that i could play some musica. Suprisingly there wasnt an outdoor area.. probably due to the freakish weather we're having.

Played my usual selections... made Holly and Isaac dance which is always a fun thing and then proceeded to head out to our friend Matts house to do a little show there.. everyone had a fantastic ball drop, sans the boyfriend on my end of course (he was working hard for the money.. eh-eh-eh-eh.. so hard for it honey.. eh-eh-eh-eh).

Anyways, saw alot of familiar faces there and had a great time. Everyone kind of filed out and since APple was a bit tipsy, and Alex's friends (being on Florida time) were getting a bit tired i decided to drive them to Alex's house were they were staying.

Carls Jr. was where we decided to eat last night and damn a 6 dollar burger at 2:40 in the morning is SOOO what hits the spot after a night of debauchery. BUT the fucking line took 40 minutes!!! It was wrapped around outside the parking lot. The poor mexicans that were inside, had to stay open because of the line even tho the signs said it was only open till 2am. We were in the line for 40 minutes so i can imagine how long they actually did stay open. We were there so long that Alex, who was driving back from his work actually caught up to us just as we were getting our food from the window.

Headed back to his house where they hotboxed his room... and i got REALLY sleepy.. and passed out.. what a great night :)

This morning at 9:30 the alarm went off and seeing as my parents had invited us to breakfast in the morning i dragged myself up and out of bed. On the way to my house on Tully.. the two biggest trees had fallen over.. i felt like one of those car commercials that show the trees coming down and the car swerving to avoid it and simultaneously showing how well the car handles. It was freaky.. not to mention dodging the debris and tumbleweed that was on the freeway..

Well.. i hope everyone has a great day.. ill be working from 3-11 tonight at the hotel so hopefully i dont fall asleep in the office..

bi bi :)
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Last night was such a fun night.. the bar was packed and we got to sing Holly, Jason, Cruz and i forget the other person name happy birthday.. Alex and I got there kind of late since he and I went over to my parents house so that he could well.. in a sense.. be known.. which i was deathly afraid of cuz my father is well.. sort of a neo-maxy-zoom-dweeby in his own cool way.. and for those of you who know Alex, know his ear-stretched-pierced-tattoo-covered-self isnt what most fathers picture their daughter dating.. but i was up for the challenge considering i think this guy is the best thing since sliced bread. So we went over, mind you Alex definetly cleans up nicely when he wears a collared shirt, tie and slacks.. and just kind of showed up.. Ive never seen my dad be so intrested in a guy that i brought over to their house. And by the end of the night, my father had already invited Alex to go golfing and was telling him that "my casa is your casa" which made my jaw drop down to my Aldo boots :)

Apparently, all that was said by my dad was "well he has alot of tattoos" when we left and that was it.. so we'll see how this goes..

So we got to the bar and everyone was there.. well minus Matt cuz the dufus fell asleep.. but fun was had by all.. ive never seen the board so packed for being a Sunday. Big ups for Brucie on his job well done (even tho we wont count the random mute button incident)Stayed there till the end and got home pretty late.

Went into work today and had the cold from hell... i think i fell asleep while Matt was talking to me about 3 times. Oh and the power went out for about an hour and a half which was fantastic as well.. as for tonight.. sushi and Narnia ;)



"Are you gay??" (my dad asking Alex after he told him that we met at Splash) LOL... silly mexicans..
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